Tutorial 7 – Flying a Ship

Tutorial 7 – Flying a Ship
March 11, 2016 Justin

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 7 – Flying a Ship (or any character) Around the Page

This video discusses….

  • How to add physics bodies to characters and other objects.
  • How to add a border around the page (so our characters can’t escape)
  • How to apply physics impulses to bodies (in our case, the ship) in various directions
  • How to add invisible Left, Right, Up and Down buttons for directional controls
  • How to create Actions (technically SKActions) via the Property List, then run them each time a button is pressed. We do this to make the ship rotate in a particular direction every time a button is pressed.
  • Specific properties discussed include ImpulseVector, RunAction and RotateTo 

This is a great video to watch if you want to learn about physics based characters, adding controls to move a character, or want to create SKActions in the Property List. By the end of the video, we make 4 Actions: RotateUp, RotateDown, RotateLeft and RotateRight which are saved in the Root of the property list. So on any page of the book, we could run these actions on any object.

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