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  • Lesson 12 Build a Book Video tutorials series with Xcode and Sprite Kit

    Tutorial 12 – Camera Roll Images and Generating Elements at Runtime

    In this video we'll discuss how to use photos from the device's Camera Roll or take new photos to replace…

  • Tutorial 11 Random Pages Custom Keyboards

    Tutorial 11 – Random Values, Pages and Custom Keyboards

    In this video we'll discuss how to prompt readers to enter a word using a custom keyboard, to match a…

  • Tour Style Map using the Story Tellers Kit

    Tutorial 10 – Make a Tour Map Page

  • Maze Game Tutorial with Xcode

    Tutorial 9 – Making a Maze Game

    In this video, we'll create a maze game. We'll use the same Left, Right, Up and Down control buttons from…

  • Collision Detection and Listening for Conditions in Xcode with the Story Tellers Kit

    Tutorial 8 – Collision Detection and Listeners

    This video discusses.... How to react to contacts between different physics bodies (for example, to detect when the ship contacts…

  • Flying a Ship in the Story Tellers Kit 2

    Tutorial 7 – Flying a Ship

    This video discusses how to add physics boundaries to characters and other objects then "fly" them around the Scene by…

  • Pick and Save a Character in Your Story Book App

    Tutorial 6 – Pick and Save a Character

    This video discusses how to pick from multiple characters (images) and choose one to essentially follow the reader throughout the…

  • SKReferenceNode in Xcode 7

    Tutorial 5 – Continue and Menu Cheats

    In this video, we'll discuss an easy way to use the same menu items from page to page. Most pages…

  • User editable text in Xcode

    Tutorial 4 – Mad Libs Style Pages

    In this video, we'll discuss adding a rotation gesture to rotate any number of images, then focus on how to…

  • Lesson 3 video tutorial on the story tellers kit

    Tutorial 3 – Menu Page

    In this video, we'll discuss creating a menu page to begin navigating the book. First though, we'll add a little…


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