Frequently Asked Questions...

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💬 How do I cancel a subscription?

All subscriptions are self-cancellable directly through Paypal (and ONLY through Paypal). You NEVER need our permission or even access to the site to cancel. You can even cancel immediately after ordering and you’ll be given the full amount of time you paid for. Keep in mind, the rate you subscribed at will never go up as long as you stay subscribed.

Here’s how to cancel your CartoonSmart subscription directly through Paypal...

  •   1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  •   2. Click Activity at the top
  •   3. Unfold All Transactions go to Subscription Agreements
  •   4. Locate the one for CartoonSmart, and hit the Cancel button

Another way to cancel – Again through Paypal directly, you can go to Profile > My Money > My PreApproved Payments and find the one labeled CartoonSmart.

💬 Are subscription payments refundable?

Subscription payments are non-refundable. You are responsible for canceling a subscription prior to renewal. We expect our customers to honor the billing contracts they create with us when purchasing. You can cancel anytime prior to renewal, and you will NOT lose membership access for the remaining time.

💬 How do I change payment methods for my subscription?

Any updates to the billing source for your next payment cycle will occur on . We don’t store any financial information for our customers, so we can’t update any of that for you. Also we can’t reverse/change a payment to a different source after a billing has already occurred.

💬 Will my Subscription Rate ever go up?

Nope! Whatever price you subscribed at, is the price you’ll always be charged. Your billing agreement with Paypal guarantees you’ll always pay that same exact price.

💬 Are your courses downloadable?

The video content is not downloable. You must watch here on the website. But course content (projects, resources, etc) is downloadable.

💬 Having trouble accessing your account?

You can recover your password by going to our login page. If that doesn't help, let us know!

💬 Where is your terms of service page?

Right here... Terms of Service.