Camera Events – Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit Documentation

  • ChangeCamera – the name of the camera to switch to. If you choose Camera1, the code will check for Camera1Phone (if the device is an iPhone). If one isn’t found, then Camera1 will be searched for.

Change Camera

  • CameraFollows – the node the camera will start following or switch to following. If a node can’t be found, the camera won’t follow anything. So you could set this to “None” and the camera will stop following a node it previously was following.



If you stumbled onto this article, it is part of our documentation for the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2. The kit enables you to make children’s book apps and games without writing any code! But it is Swift 2 based and compatible with iOS9 (or higher) and Xcode 7 (or higher), so kit buyers can even extend the functionality to fit their needs further. Some of what we cover in the kit documentation may apply to Xcode in general, so this article could be worth a read even if you aren’t a user. You can purchase Lifetime Updates the kit here, or subscribe Yearly to CartoonSmart and get the latest version, plus access to all of our other kits / tutorials.

We’ve also created an iBook to document the very latest properties in the kit, so be sure to download that as well.