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Stick Node to Node – Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit Documentation

StickNodeToNode can be called as an Event but you can also include this dictionary in the main group of your page. For example….

Stick SKNode to SKNode

Inside the StickNodeToNode dictionary you will create sub-dictionaries to define the terms of how each node (or array of nodes) will stick to another node.  See the image below for reference.

Stick SKNode to SKNode Swift 2

Required entries are…

  • StickNode – which can be a String or Array to define multiple nodes to move in relation to another node
  • ToNode – the node to stick to.
  • ToNodePhone – if the device is a phone, you can set an alternate node to stick to. This property is ignored on the iPad, and if it is excluded, the phone will use the ToNode property.

Optional entries are….

  • Offset – a value in { x, y } format. The default for Offset is {0,0} which means the StickNode(s) will not be offset at all on the x or y axis.
  • Parallax – a value in { x, y } format. The default for Parallax is {1, 1}, which means the StickNode(s) will move 100% on the x and y axis in relation to the ToNode. The x and y values you enter will each multiply the position of the StickNode after any offset values.
  • UseCurrentOffset – If you set this value to YES, then delete the Offset value and the kit will figure out the current difference of the StickNode and ToNode nodes and use that as the offset. This is a VERY useful property if you layout all your nodes exactly how you want initially in the Scene editor.

For example, in the screenshot below notice Slot0, Slot1, Slot2, Slot3 are all using UseCurrentOffset set to YES. So these placeholders (for item icons we can collect in the scene) will always be in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Stick SKNode to SKNode Swift 2


You can also Parent one node inside of another to move them together. Notes on that here.

Stick SKNode to SKNode Swift 2




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