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October’s Game Art…

Interested in Art from Past Months?

Yearly Subscribers can access ALL of our past characters, GUI, level art, and so on. This page would slow to a crawl if we showed off previews of everything, but below is a taste…

Mike Macs Hero royalty free game art character
Castle Guard Four Direction Sprite Character
Blue Hair Four Direction Sprite Character
Anubis royalty free game art
Medieval Hooded Girl royalty free game art
Shinobi 15 royalty free game art
Medieval Masked Guy royalty free game art
Medieval Masked Guy royalty free game art
Templar Knight royalty free game art
Vampire royalty free game art

Side Scroller Level Art!

Visit this Ever-Growing Collection…

This collection contains hundreds of 2D game art elements for side-scrolling levels. It includes tile-able sprites as well as individually exported elements, trees, rocks, ladders, coins, treasure, barrels, plants, etc.

Spooky Mansion Royalty Free Game Art
Big Forest Platformer Royalty Free Game
Jungle platform set royalty free game art
Factory Tile set royalty free game art
Farm Tile Set Royalty Free Game Art
Bamboo Mountain tile set

2D Game Art FX

Need some awesome explosions for your next app? We’ve got plenty of fire, smoke and we’ve just added 11 science fiction style FX!

The Super “Tiny” Collection

This fully animated collection includes over 70 royalty-free 2d characters rendered in the same “tiny” style, perfect for RPG’s or any game where lots of characters could be seen at once.

Tiny Viking royalty free game art

Pixel-Style Game Art 

Visit this Collection…

Are you a fan of the classics? Maybe you’ve always imagined creating your own retro style video game. We have a HUGE, always-growing collection of royalty free pixel game art. Below are just a few examples.

Warped Royalty Free Pixel Art

Top Down Level Art…

Yearly subscribers can download hundreds of top-down viewed elements and tile-able backdrop art, capable of building tons of exciting levels in your next RPG or Adventure themed game or app!

Castle top down royalty free game art

GUI for any occasion…

Polish off your game or app with art from our GUI collection. Each package includes dozens of buttons (in multiple states), icons, progress bars, on / off indicators, scroll bars, and window elements of all sizes. Each pack includes exported PNG files and the original vector art in .AI format.

License Details…

Unfold to read the full license terms...

Simple license details… Yearly Subscribers get a license to use ALL of our past and upcoming art in an unlimited number of apps, games, and some other digital media (YouTube videos, banners ads). These can be commercial apps or free apps in the Google Play Store / iOS Store etc. Like all licensed artwork, this is a non-exclusive license, so the copyright stays with the original artist. As this is a non-exclusive license, other developers may be using the same artwork, but neither them or you can make a copyright claim against their usage.

What can’t you do? You can’t use the art in print media (no uploading to CafePress to print shirts or coffee cups). And you obviously can’t redistribute the original artwork in any manner. For example, you can’t make a code project template and give away the artwork included in it.  Common sense!

If asked to produce a license, just contact us. Occasionally the Google Play store checks licenses (we’ve never heard of the App Store doing this). If so, simply get in touch with us and we can verify you’re a license holder via our subscription.

Does unsubscribing invalidate the license? Nope. But we hope you see the value in getting an enormous amount of game art and more each month, at amazing price!

 Yearly Subscribers get ALL of our game art, plus our in-depth video tutorials and Starter Kits!

  • Billed monthly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

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