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How to Make Money Selling Apps (with help from your CartoonSmart Subscription)

Idea #3 - Bring your A-Game and Make Something Really, Really Good!

In our previous article we discussed how you can make money with our Starter Kits that build platform games and pinball apps. These type apps are relatively easy to setup, as they mostly just require new art, some creative level design, and some simple property changes.  This article we’ll discuss using our kits that are designed to let you build apps that immerse your users in whatever world you want to create. The end result is an app that shows off your strongest talents, and while that might require a bit longer to create, it should net a higher return, for a long time to come.

The Story Tellers Starter Kit and our new Role Playing Games Starter Kit might seem light years apart in the kind of apps they produce, but they are both about telling a story. You can create an interactive book, choose your own adventure novel, a challenging quest, fun adventure – or in other words, an app your user really wants to finish it. Or as is often the case, something a parent is willing to pony up another $2-$3 to see their kid continue to enjoy.

How many of us as kids had every Dr. Seuss book? Or every Calvin and Hobbes compilation. How many of us have rebought those same books from our childhood just to relive how great they were. The classic Atari and Nintendo games are another great example of content so good, publishers continue to republish it because we keep rebuying it (Pac-Man and Mario Bros come to mind for me).

Point is, you have access to a platform (and store) that isn’t going anywhere. So whether you want to create an amazing story book for the iPad, or an incredible RPG, you can do it today and rest assured, you can make money off your work for years, even decades to come.

Here are some ideas using our Story Tellers Kit…

  • “Nighty Night” books

  • Books that include photos of your readers IN the story (yes thats totally possible)

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

  • Interactive comic books or graphic novels

  • “Wish Wall” type books, where readers can enter and save text of things they want

  • Animatics for movies or short films

  • Educational books for early learning

  • Educational training for adults, the kit includes some incredible text to speech features great for language training

  • Puzzle Books

  • Interactive physics type games where users can move objects around the screen, and drop them into other objects to accomplish tasks

  • Sell access to any part of your story with In-App Purchases, built right into the kit

Here are some ideas using our Role Playing Games Kit…

  • Lengthy quests that involve reading clues, finding items, defeating enemies and exploring entire worlds

  • Maze games with animated physics based objects to block walls, open corridors, etc.

  • Parody games using celebrities or political figures. How fun would it be to play an RPG set in the Trump White House?

  • Sell access to any level (or levels) in your game with In-App Purchases built right into the kit

Perfect for freelance developers…

Like we discussed in the last article, you can use these kits as a freelance developer. So if you know someone that has a great idea for a children’s book, or a local business owner that would love to have an app to show off what their business does, you can save yourself hundreds of hours coding their projects from scratch.

As a freelance developer your bottom-line is about time. If you charge a client $3,000 for a custom app, you’ll make that same amount of money whether you spend 20 hours on it or 200 hours! So why spend weeks more than necessary?

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