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  • Flying a Ship in the Story Tellers Kit 2

    Tutorial 7 – Flying a Ship

    This video discusses how to add physics boundaries to characters and other objects then "fly" them around the Scene by…

  • On Demand Resources in iOS9

    On Demand Resources Video Tutorial in iOS9 with SpriteKit

  • Lock or Unlock Pages in the Story Tellers Kit 2

    Unlocking / Locking Pages with the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

    You can lock pages, or mini-games, in your Story Tellers Kit 2 based app using simple properties discussed in this…

  • Parenting SKNodes to Each Other

    A Short Video about Parenting in the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

    This quick two minute video discusses the power of parenting one child inside another in the Scene editor of Xcode…


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