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Tutorial 11 – Random Values, Pages and Custom Keyboards

Tutorial 11 – Random Values, Pages and Custom Keyboards
March 15, 2016 Justin

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 11 – Random Values, Pages and Custom Keyboards

In this video we’ll discuss how to prompt readers to enter a word using a custom keyboard, to match a random word. Once matched, the kit can do any number of events (in this video, we change pages). This is a great example of how the kit can be used for learning books or simply for parental gates to limit access to parts of the book (like In-App purchasing pages). We’ll discuss…

  • Using SetRandomValues to make a saved value (named RandomPassword) equal to a random value from a pool. Pools are simple arrays in the Root of the property list which can contain an unlimited number of String values.
  • Using ClearValues, to clear out any previous saved values (the last PasswordAttempt) when the page initially loads up.
  • Adding Labels with TextWithSavedValue to reflect the current value of the RandomPassword and PasswordAttempt.
  • Adding invisible for each key on the virtual keyboard. Each will have a TouchUpEvent with the AddStringValues property. This will add a character to the PasswordAttempt value. For example, pressing E, will add an E to the current PasswordAttempt value. In this manner, the keyboard can spell out entire words.
  • Using the new ValueMatch event listener property to check if two saved values equal each other (in this case, the RandomPassword and PasswordAttempt)
  • Finally, how to make a button go to a random page in the book, using the OpenRandomPage property and a pool of page names.

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