Getting Started with the Pinball Games Kit – Adding Balls

Getting Started with Scene Files – Adding the Main Ball and Extra Balls

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In this video we will discuss….

  • Opening the Pinball Starter Kit’s Xcode project for the first time
  • How the project is organized, mostly how it has two Targets, one for iOS, and one for tvOS
  • How to create a scene file, really a new table, for the iPhone (or other devices)
  • How to specify in the Tables.plist that the app should launch with your new table, instead of the demo
  • How to add a main ball from scratch (you could simply copy the ball from the demo)
  • How to add a dummy table object to have something for the main ball to collide with.
  • How to add extra balls
Continue with Lesson 2, adding walls and simple table objects

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