CartoonSmart's Exclusive Sticker Kit

Drop in your stickers, mark some free, some paid. Then start selling!

The Easiest Way to Make Money in the App Store!

Booby Trap Sticker for iOS Messages
Drunk Fighter Sticker for iOS

Don’t miss out on the biggest gold rush to hit iOS ever! 45 BILLION texts messages are sent in the US alone, every single DAY!  And every sticker sent is essentially an ad for itself since it links back to your Sticker Pack’s listing in the iMessage store. So the more packs you create, the more potential for sales. Apple apps have never before been this viral.

Why use CartoonSmart’s Sticker Kit to sell your stickers?

Our kit will enable you to sell In-App Purchase-able stickers without writing any code. This Swift 4-based Xcode project essentially only requires you to import your stickers, define two simple properties about each sticker (filename / whether or not it’s free) then enter your app’s In-App Purchase Product ID. Yes, its that simple. 

Free apps get downloaded HUNDREDS of times more than paid apps. So even if a user never upgrades to the full version, they are still advertising on your pack’s behalf by sending the free stickers!

iMessage iOS Sticker Kit with In App Purchases

So easy to use, we can explain it in just a few minutes…

Sticker Packs in the store that use this kit…

The New Upsell Footer

Buyers now get two versions of the kit, one with and one without the upsell footer option. The version with the footer adds  store links below your stickers. When a store button is tapped, a window appears within your Sticker Pack for users to browse one of your other apps. This allows you to link together your other packs and further boost sales!

Yearly Subscribers get access to this kit, plus ALL our kits for one amazingly low price!

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  • Billed yearly until cancelled

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If you prefer to buy ONLY this kit without a subscription, we do offer a standalone purchase option, which includes a lifetime of updates for $149.99.

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