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Video Tutorials for the Story Tellers Starter Kit 2

Lesson 1 video tutorial on the story tellers kit
Lesson 2 video tutorial on the story tellers kit
Lesson 3 video tutorial on the story tellers kit
User editable text in Xcode
SKReferenceNode in Xcode 7
Pick and Save a Character in Your Story Book App
Flying a Ship in the Story Tellers Kit 2
Collision Detection and Listening for Conditions in Xcode with the Story Tellers Kit
Maze Game Tutorial with Xcode
Tour Style Map using the Story Tellers Kit
Tutorial 11 Random Pages Custom Keyboards
Lesson 12 Build a Book Video tutorials series with Xcode and Sprite Kit

Ready for more?

We’ve recorded video walk-throughs / tutorials for┬ámost of the pages included in the demo version of the kit.

More Demo Videos…

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