Tutorial 9 – Making a Maze Game

Tutorial 9 – Making a Maze Game
March 11, 2016 Justin

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 9 -Making a Maze Game

In this video, we’ll create a maze game. We’ll use the same Left, Right, Up and Down control buttons from the previous page (see the earlier two videos), but this time instead of moving a character with a physics impulse, we will create a MoveBy action (setup in the property list) to simply move the character a set number of points each button press in a specific direction.

We will also…

  • Set properties to make the camera “track” or follow the character going through the maze
  • Parent the directional buttons and MenuButton / NextButton to the camera.
  • Listen for an intersection between the main character and an image at the end of the maze.


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