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Documentation for the Role Playing Games Starter Kit

Features Overview…

  • Create a classic style top-down RPG game (think Zelda) with ZERO programming required

  • Design and animate levels visually in Xcode

  • Set simple options in a Property List file to define how the level works

  • Use Xcode’s new tile map option to “paint” levels

  • Create enemies, pick-up items, portals and much more with the property list

  • Level up players with XP, and change player art when they’ve achieved certain levels

  • Collect unlimited items to pass levels (for example, find 5 keys to open a portal). Inventory items can be added to the GUI to remind players what they’ve collected.

  • Entering levels can clear out inventory, or reward players with new inventory, new character art/options or weapons.

  • Define save points and let players continue by choosing map style entry points

  • Players can collect different projectile weapons and ammo

  • Play video on “cut scenes” between levels

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