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Sticker Kit - Buyer Testimonial!

We were chit-chatting with Michael Goodman, a customer that used our Sticker Kit to make his Sea Life Pack app. He shared a great success story, and we asked him if we could just cut and paste some of what he told us here. Take a look at one of his daily sales snapshots and read part of what he told us below…


Here’s a screenshot, I got around 1.4 – 2k downloads per day for 5 days and made just over $350 with this 10 minute app.  It really clued me into the power of free apps with in-App purchase and how they can rank higher due to the volume of downloads, more reviews, etc…    I knew something was up with it, as one day it was the first icon in iTunesConnect and I hadn’t touched it since I made it.  Next day it got 700k impressions and I immediately added more stickers with animated eyes to it and updated all screenshots for a better look.

There you have it folks! About $25 in sales a day. Obviously it took him more than 10 minutes to make version 2 of Sea Life, but Michael saw an app that was getting some serious traction in the store, so he added the In-App Purchasing options (from our Kit) with some extra stickers, and now has a real winner on his hands!

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