Tutorial 5 – Building a Book with the Story Tellers Kit – Reusing Menu Buttons

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 5 – Using References for Menus and Adding a Continue Button

In this video, we’ll discuss an easy way to use the same menu items from page to page. Most pages in your book will have a button back to the main menu and a next button. Xcode allows you to create a scene that can actually be dropped into other scenes, as a reference (SKReferenceNode is the technical term). So if we change the original scene, it will update all other scenes that reference it. Perfect for menu items. In our example, we’ll just include the Menu button and Next Page button, but in the future if we added a Previous button, it would update all pages referencing the menu. We will also discuss adding a Continue button to continue from the last page viewed.

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