Tutorial 8 – Building a Book with the Story Tellers Kit – Collision Detection

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 8 – Collision Detection and Listening for Conditions to Run Events

This video discusses….

  • How to react to contacts between different physics bodies (for example, to detect when the ship contacts a star to collect)
  • How to keep a running count of something being collected (or interacted with)
  • How to listen for conditions and react when they’ve been met. For example, we listen for a certain number of stars being collected AND if the ship is in the center vortex. Only then does the kit go to a new page.
  • How to increment or decrement a saved value. For example, how many stars have been collected and how many are still left to be collected.
  • How to Show or Hide images when the page loads or when conditions are met.

For further reading on Event Listeners visit this page.

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