Tutorial 6 – Building a Book with the Story Tellers Kit – Pick and Save a Character

Build a Book with the Story Tellers Kit

Tutorial 6 – Pick and Save a Character to Appear in Multiple Pages of the Book

This video discusses….

  • How to pick from one of 5 image buttons and save a character preference (essentially a texture preference for a main character)
  • How to set an initial texture based on a saved value if one already does not exist
  • How to change textures of any image by pressing a button
  • In particular, we’ll look at the SetValues, SetValuesIfNil and SetTextureFromPreference properties.

This is an important video to watch if you’d like the reader of your book to pick a main character, avatar essentially, to follow them through various pages of the book. Their preference will be saved for as long as the book is installed, as essentially this is just a texture preference written to the NSUserDefaults.

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