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Change Log

Change Log
March 28, 2018 Justin

March ’18

February ’18

January ’18

December ’17

November ’17

October ’17

September ’17

  • Added 2 more videos to the ARKit series
  • All kits have been updated for Swift 4, and include the new Promoted In-App Purchase code Apple is now requiring.
  • Added an article on how to update from Swift 3 to Swift 4. It’s incredibly easy (there’s really no code changes), so just follow a few steps and you’re done. For you Kit-users, this is probably easier than re-downloading a new version of the kit from scratch. Read more here.
  • Read about my 10 Weeks using ARKit in Beta.
  • Someone wanted a Shredding Wheel, well you got it! Watch the video tutorial here.
  • New royalty free game art for subscribers!

August ’17

June ’17

  • Sorry folks, forgot to update the actual What’s New page, when I was updating the Platform Games Kit in June. Everything from Build 1.65 on up is new stuff. Visit the change log for the kit here. Highlights include – two brand new demo versions of the kit, tile map support, health meters, breakable platforms, new attack options for enemies, automatically moving levels, platforms the player can jump up or down through and much more!
  • New royalty free game art for subscribers!

May ’17


  • Busy engineering the RPG Kit!
  • Added the Gorilla / Yeti game art characters and Jungle Themed level pack
  • That’s a wrap on the Role Playing Games tutorial series. All lessons have been posted!
  • Almost done with the Enemy class in the Role Playing Games with Sprite Kit and Swift 3 , posting the lessons shortly, wanted to make sure we get this perfect first!

March ’17

February ’17

January ’17

December ’16

November ’16

  • New game art for subscribers. Another PREMIUM Top Down Tower Defense style set. This time dungeon themed! Plus a 3 pack of Skeleton characters! Check it out here.

October ’16

  • Updated all our Swift based game projects to Swift 3.
  • Added some incredible Top Down Tower Defense game art for subscribers. Check it out here.

September ’16

August ’16

July ’16

June ’16

May ’16

April ’16

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