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How to Make iOS Sticker Packs for Non-Programmers

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How to Make iOS Stickers Packs for Non-Programmers
Learn how to make stickers for iOS10 Message Apps with absolutely no programming knowledge at all. You will need Xcode, a Mac and some program to animate in. In these lessons we'll use Adobe Animate.
Module 1 Introduction, using Xcode and iTunes Connect  
In this section we'll discuss using Xcode for the first time and how to make a Sticker Pack based project. Plus we'll look at how to create an iTunes Connect App listing, and associate a Bundle ID with that app. You can watch these before or after the Adobe Animate tutorials.
Unit 1 Stickers Tutorial - Introduction
Unit 2 Using the Sticker Pack Project Template in Xcode
Unit 3 Using iTunes Connect to Make an App Listing and Bundle ID
Module 2 How to Create Stickers with Adobe Animate  
In this section we'll introduce Adobe Animate, and cover many of the basics of illustration, animation, and using text. All the essentials basically to creating an animation sequence to export for import into Xcode.
Unit 1 Initial Setup with Adobe Animate or Flash to Make Stickers
Unit 2 Animation Basics with an Infinitely Scrolling Pattern
Unit 3 Animating Text, Adding Filters, and Exporting Sticker Sequences
Unit 4 Masking, Graphic Clips, and Editing All Keyframes at Once
How to Make Sticker Packs for Non Programmers Video Tutorials

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