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Digital Painting

Video tutorials with Paris Christou

Two Level Course!

Take it in stride with this 2 level series of videos.

Five Hours of Training

Take your digital painting skills from zero to hero overnight!

Digital Painting Tutorial with Paris Christou

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Sketchbook Pro Tutorial

Find out about the software used...

Your instructor uses the desktop version of Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk, but you can choose any illustration software you own. If you choose to use a sketching program for the iPad, two recommended apps are Sketchbook Pro for iPad and Art Studio for the iPad.

Learn about your instructor...

Paris Christou, professional instructor and YouTuber-extraordinaire,  teaches this lengthy course on how to draw Cherry in elaborate detail. Paris is a full time animator, pin-up artist, children’s story book illustrator, and has his own comic series for a nationally distributed newspaper in the UK.

Digital Painting Tutorials!

Join YouTube cartoonist, animator and teacher Paris Christou in this fun and enlightening course on digital painting cartoons. Paris will be teaching using a go-to model of his own creation: Cherry, and you’re welcome to following along using his sketch or ANY of your own cartoons!










Over 5 hours of tutorials, broken into two levels of training…

Level 1 – 2 Hours

In this 2 hour session, Paris supplies you with his beautiful hand-drawn sketch to follow along throughout this video series. Watch over his shoulder as Paris demonstrates and explains his Five Easy Steps to inking and coloring cartoon characters so that you can feel confident to create eye-catching images.

In this series of six easy-to-follow video tutorials, you will learn:
  • How to clean the sketch to create your line-art using Paris’s trademark feathering technique
  • How to add the flat colors to your characters
  • How to color your line-art correctly
  • How to block out distinctive shadows
  • How to add rim light and shines for appeal
Digital Painting Level 2 Preview

Level 2 – Over 3 Hours

Watch over the shoulder as Paris Christou demonstrates and explains in pure detail all his tricks and techniques on how to ink and render his cartoon character “Cherry” into this gorgeous summer pinup. Paris  focuses on painting the form of the character to give that semi-realistic touch whilst still keeping the 2D cartoon feel to the artwork. Inside this course you will learn:

  • How to clean the sketch to create your line-art using Paris’s trademark feathering technique
  • How to add the flat colors to your characters
  • How to color and blend your line-art
  • How Paris uses his Layers for each element
  • How to use the airbrush
  • How to choose Warm and Cool Colors
  • How to Blend tones together
  • How to add Light and Shadows to create a 3D effect
  • Plus a few tricks up Paris’s sleeve









Watch a short preview of the course…

Digital Painting Box 900 wide

Digital Painting with Paris Christou

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