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Over 3 Hours of Beginner iOS Training….

Start learning iOS game development with three multi-part courses, you can easily tackle in a weekend. If you’ve never used Swift before, check out our Swift Refreshers course. Great for beginners and anyone needing a quick reminder on some of the basics. Or jump right into game development with our Introduction to Sprite Kit series. And if you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, drill through our Xcode Workflow Tips series.

Free SpriteKit and Swift Video Tutorials

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Module 1 Introduction to Sprite Kit with Swift  
Unit 1 Part 1 - The Sprite Kit Starting Template
Unit 2 Part 2 - Adding a Player with Physics Properties
Unit 3 Part 3 - Introducing SKActions and Detecting Touches
Unit 4 Part 4 - Action Groups / Sequences and Run Blocks
Unit 5 Part 5 - Short Interlude to look at a Cross Platform Project
Unit 6 Part 6 - Gesture Recognizers
Unit 7 Part 7 - Detecting Physics Contacts Between Bodies
Unit 8 Part 8 - Changing zPositions at Runtime and Making a Custom Class
Unit 9 Source Project
Module 2 Xcode Workflow Tips  
Unit 1 WorkFlow Tips #1 with Xcode
Unit 2 WorkFlow Tips #2 with Xcode
Unit 3 WorkFlow Tips #3 with Xcode
Unit 4 WorkFlow Tips #4 with Xcode
Module 3 Swift Refreshers - Great for Beginners  
Unit 1 Swift Refresher Course 1 - Variable Types
Unit 2 Swift Refresher Course 2 - Array Types
Unit 3 Swift Refresher Course 3 - Dictionary Types
Unit 4 Swift Refresher Course 4 - Functions
Unit 5 Swift Refresher Course 5 - Enum Types
Module 4 Submitting your App through iTunes Connect  
Unit 1 How to Submit Your App to Apple with Xcode

Over 3 Hours of Beginner Adobe Animate Training….

Animate offers some of the easiest vector illustration and animation tools in the entire Adobe suite, and this one software can be used for just about anything! To get started, check out our 9 part series covering all the basics of Adobe Animate CC 2018. After that, continue learning with short animation courses on walk cycles, shooting arrows and more!

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Module 1 Adobe Animate CC Basics  
Unit 1 Selection and Subselection Tool
Unit 2 Understanding When to Use Symbols
Unit 3 The Difference Between MovieClips and Graphic Clips
Unit 4 How to use the Frame Picker Tool
Unit 5 Drawing Tools, Ovals, Pen Tool, Brushes, and More
Unit 6 Text Tools and Gradients
Unit 7 Properties Panel
Unit 8 How Animate with Motion and Shape Tweens
Unit 9 Masking and Exporting Animated PNG Files
Module 2 Adobe Animate / Flash - Assorted Animation Tutorials  
Unit 1 How to Animate a 2D Explosion in Adobe Animate
Unit 2 How to animate along a path or perfect circle in Adobe Animate
Unit 3 How to Animate a Chibi-style Archer Character in Adobe Animate
Unit 4 How to Animate a Robot Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate
Unit 5 How to Animate a Looping Fire Effect in Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash

Javascript Essentials

Learn the Javascript essentials for web development or any type of programming. Learn all the basics of Javascript including primitive types, arrays, functions, assignment operators, the window object and much more. We’ll also dive into some more detail about how Javascript works and even advanced topics like prototype inheritance, scope, execution context and much more.

Free Javascript Video Tutorials

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Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 Javascript Essentials - Introduction
Unit 2 Javascript Essentials - What is Javascript
Unit 3 Javascript Essentials - How Javascript Works
Unit 4 Javascript Essentials - The Console
Unit 5 Javascript Essentials - What is an Object
Unit 6 Javascript Essentials - Javascript Syntax
Module 2 Basic Syntax  
Unit 1 Javascript Essentials - Primitive Data
Unit 2 Javascript Essentials - Arithmetic operators, BODMASS & concatenation
Unit 3 Javascript Essentials - Variables & assignment
Unit 4 Javascript Essentials - Assignment operators
Unit 5 Javascript Essentials - Arrays
Unit 6 Javascript Essentials - Embedded Arrays
Unit 7 Javascript Essentials - Functions
Unit 8 Javascript Essentials - Prototype
Unit 9 Javascript Essentials - Constructors Part 1
Unit 10 Javascript Essentials - Constructors Part 2
Unit 11 Javascript Essentials - Scoping
Module 3 Conditional Functions  
Unit 1 Javascript Essentials - Conditional operators
Unit 2 Javascript Essentials - If statements
Unit 3 Javascript Essentials - If statements 2
Unit 4 Javascript Essentials - For loops
Unit 5 Javascript Essentials - Practical For loops
Module 4 DOM Manipulation  
Unit 1 Javascript Essentials - Understanding the document object
Unit 2 Javascript Essentials - Targeting DOM elements
Unit 3 Javascript Essentials - Event Handlers
Unit 4 Javascript Essentials - This keyword explained
Unit 5 Javascript Essentials - Changing elements content
Unit 6 Javascript Essentials - Changing element styles
Unit 7 Javascript Essentials - Create and append DOM element
Unit 8 Javascript Essentials - Final Project
Unit 9 Javascript Essentials - Conclusion and Goodbye

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