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Cartoon Enemy 8 Pack – Royalty Free Game Art

Cartoon Enemy 8 Pack – Royalty Free Game Art
January 12, 2017 Justin

Cartoon Enemy 8 Pack – Royalty Free Game Art

Bonus Game Art for Subscribers!

Cartoon Enemy Pack 2 Royalty Free Game Art

An eight-pack of animated enemies for your next app or game. Included 4 flying monsters and 4 land monsters, as well as death FX.

Includes the following animations:

  • Land Monster Attacking
  • Land Monster Dying
  • Land Monster Hurt
  • Land Monster Idle
  • Land Monster Jumping
  • Land Monster Walking
  • Flying Monster Hurt
  • Flying Monster Idle (flying/hovering)
  • Smoke (death) FX

Formats include: PNG Sequences | AI | EPS | Spriter | Unity

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