Tile Maps 

In the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit

As of Build 1.64, you can now include Tile Maps (SKTileMapNodes) in your scene. This new feature in Xcode 8 enables you to essentially “paint” tiles to design your levels.

From the property list you can choose whether to give each tile a physics body. Physics bodies respect the alpha data of each tile, so for example, you’ll notice in the image above the two corner pieces that slant downward will make a ramp for the player to walk.

Choose ONE of the options below to set a body…

  • CreateBody – if set to YES will create a body for the TileMap.
  • CreateBodyAsOneWayPlatform – if set to YES the player can jump up through the tile map platform
  • CreateBodyAsTwoWayPlatform – if set to YES the player can jump up through the tile map platform and push down to go back through it.
  • CreateBodyAsMovingPlatform – if set to YES, the player will stay better fixed on the tile map platform IF you add a moving action to it.

Code-wise the individual tiles in your tile map created using the Platforms class, so the same properties described on the Platforms page , can also be used. For example…

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