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Enabling Game Center

In the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit

Watch this quick 5 minute video on how to enable Game Center in the kit. If you are already familiar with how to do this in iTunes Connect, the only two properties needed are shown in the screenshot below…

Enabling Game Center in the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit 2

  • EnableGameCenter  – set to YES
  • LeaderBoardID – this value will default to “HighScore” if excluded, but as of Build 1.1 of the kit, you can set the leader board ID to any value you want. This of course needs to match exactly the leader board ID in iTunes Connect. Note: this value is apparently unique across all your apps, so if you submit multiple apps using the kit, you’ll need to add a new ID each app.

Important Notes for tvOS Apps

If you’re submitting a tvOS app, don’t forget to include the following images in the Assets.xcassets folder:

  • Dashboard Image  (sized 923 by 150) – this is a banner that will appear above all your Game Center leaderboards for a particular app
  • Leaderboard (sized 659 by 371) – a multi-layered large icon for the actual leaderboard.

Enabling Game Center in the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit

If your Leaderboard Identifier is anything other than “HighScore”, be sure to change the Identifier for the Leaderboard image to match that ID. See the image below for reference…

Leaderboard Identifier for tvOS App

Name: stays Leaderboard

Identifier: is your leaderboard ID, the same one in iTunes Connect and the property list.



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