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In the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit

As of Build 1.72, you can include Health “pickups” in the Kit. Add a sprite to the scene with a texture, for example, a heart. Then give it a Custom Class of Health.

Next give it a name, for example HealthPickup.

Then set the Physics Definition. You can leave Dynamic, Allows Rotation and Affected by Gravity checked off if you want it to be appear floating in the scene.

Next we need to set some properties for the pick up

Add a Health dictionary to your level (or copy the existing one from one of the kits). Then within that, add a sub-dictionary with the same Name as the sprite in your scene. In this case, that’s HealthPickup. ¬†Within this dictionary you can set the following properties…

  • Amount – a Number value for how much health to restore.
  • Score – an optional Number value to also award score.
  • ShowScore – a Boolean value, set YES to show the amount of score floating upward from the health after it is picked up.
  • AwardsExtraLife – a Boolean value to award an extra life to the player. ¬†So for example, you could leave the Amount at 0, and give the player an extra life instead.
  • Sound – a String value for the sound file to play (include the file extension)



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