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Setting up your Scene (.sks) Files

In the Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit

Level Setup…

This video discusses how to set up your entire level. Each level is a new Sprite Kit Scene (.sks file). We will discuss….

  • Duplicate an existing level
  • Keeping the correct scene size (1920 by 1080) for tvOS and iOS. 1920 by 1080 is the 3x resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus, so 1x graphics used in that size scene are actually 3x images on the latest iPhone
  • Import new images for your scene to the Game.xcassets catalog.
  • Adding Color Sprites into the level, giving them an optional name, a required Custom Class name, and setting their physics definition (needed for most level objects)
  • How to add platforms, moving platforms, poles, moving poles, enemy bumpers, player bumpers, and dead zones
  • How to animate the movement of objects and textures using the Scene timeline in Xcode
  • How to add coins, which add a specific point value via their name property (“Coin500” would award 500 points), and how you can advance the level with a score over a certain amount.
  • How to parent items to the Camera, so they move around with the camera. You’ll want to do this for all GUI elements (lives icons, score labels, ammo labels, etc).
  • Using placeholders for images that appear at certain times like “Paused”, “Player 1 Wins”, “Level Passed”, etc.


Where to go from here…

The video above will fast-track you to creating levels in the scene editor, but afterwards you’ll still want to set specific properties for that level. See this article in the documentation for all the possible level properties.

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