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A Universal Project for iOS and tvOS!

It only takes a few minutes (seriously) to go from tvOS to iOS or vice versa, without making any changes to your game’s art or scene files. Here’s the long reason why….

The kit is intended to run 1920 by 1080 sized Scene files for BOTH tvOS and Universal iOS apps, with 1x images. You experienced developers are probably wondering how’s that possible… The screen size for TV is 1920 by 1080 which conveniently is the “3x” resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus, also at 1920 by 1080. So your scene files and graphics all resize down perfectly for the iPhone devices, which regardless of resolution are all that same screen ratio.

So what about the iPad size? We recommend setting your scene size to 2048 by 1536 (double the normal iPad dimensions of 1024 by 768). This way the width is very similar to that of the iPhone and TV. The big difference is the extra height on the iPad.

We recommend designing for the iPhone/TV first. Once your level is done, select the SKS file, go to File > Duplicate, and rename it with the “Pad” suffix. For example, if the name of the level is “Level1.sks“, rename it to “Level1Pad.sks“. After you do that, this scene will only show on the iPad devices. Next change the scene size to  2048 by 1536. The camera will automatically update it’s size as well.

Now you can adjust any of the GUI elements in the camera, and if you feel you need to, add more background elements (or adjust the existing ones) to account for the extra height on the iPad.

Note: you can have custom SKS files for the iPhone, iPad and TV, by adding the suffix, Phone, Pad, or TV to your SKS files. For example…

  • Level1Phone.sks
  • Level1Pad.sks
  • Level1TV.sks 

This is optional though.


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