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The XP Array

Reward the Player when they've played long enough!

No RPG game is complete without XP, or experience points. This gives your game’s users something to work toward. Generally, players advance up quickly, and then are tapered off as the get to higher levels and have to achieve bigger goals to get more experience. But how your game handles XP is totally up to you!

Let’s take a look at the XP Array in the demo…

Notice when XP is unfolded, you see Item 0, Item 1, Item 2, and potentially you could have an unlimited number of other items. Arrays are a little different than Dictionary items as they are ordered lists. So you can’t change the name of Item 0 for example, it will always have that name, but it is specifically the first item in your array. And Item 1 is the second, Item 2 is the third and so on. It’s important these items are in a specific order, because we wouldn’t want to get your XP bracketing out of order.

So let’s discuss the relatively few properties within each Item.

  • Name – this is the name of your experience level. It can be anything you want. Mage LV1, MageLV2, whatever. It appears in the GUI in the XPLevelLabel (seen below). If you don’t want this data seen, simply delete the label in the GUI.

  • Max – this is the max number of experience points needed to progress to the next XP level. So if you set 100, you need 100 to advance. The player’s XP stats appear in this format… current / max in the GUI. So for example, the GUI might read…  31 / 100  if you currently had 31 and needed 100. The label this appears in is called XPLabel (seen below).

  • Rewards – this dictionary is ignored in Item 0 (since it’s the first XP level) but in all other Items, if the player makes it to that level they would receive any rewards you enter here. This dictionary functions the same as every other Rewards dictionary discussed in the docs. Here’s a reminder. 

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