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Level Rewards

You made it here. Collect some stuff just for showing up!

The Rewards dictionary allows you to reward the player as soon as they enter a level. So you could boast their health, armor, change projectile weapons, their entire class (everything about the player) and more. You can even give them items of your own choosing, but just writing an arbitrary name and setting a number value for the amount. The Rewards dictionary functions exactly the same as the Rewards dictionary for Items and Enemies.

  • Health – this reward adds health to the player. Set a number value for the amount of health to add.
  • Armor – this reward adds more to the player’s armor. Set a number value for the amount of armor to add.
  • Projectile – the reward will be the name of an item in the Projectiles dictionary (in the Root). The player will switch to using this weapon. Players can switch weapons by tapping the weapon icon in the GUI. So for example, the Grassland demo level includes an item named AxePickup, and the Rewards dictionary has Projectile for the key name, and Axe for the value.
  • Ammo – this will add ammo to the current player’s projectile weapon. The value should be a Number
  • XP – this will add to the player’s XP (experience points). The value should be a Number.
  • Currency – This will add to the player’s in-game money. The value should be a Number.
  • Class – This reward will change the player’s class, which can essentially change everything about the player (their stats, appearance, etc). The value should match exactly the name of a dictionary in the Class dictionary in the Root. The demo of the kit includes a Peasant class.
  • Sound – This will play a sound, enter the exact name of the sound file here (including the file extension)
  • Level – a String value for the level to load, for example Dungeon. The player will immediately be taken to this level as a reward
  • Where – a String value for where in the level the player will go to (if the previous property is used). For example, EntryPoint
  • Scene – a String value for any scene (not level) you want the player to immediately be taken to as a reward. For example, MainMenu. Keep in mind, you can create an unlimited number of extra scenes, which could include video, fullscreen art, comic book panels, whatever.
  • Any Name of Your Choosing – with a number value for the amount.

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