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Level Tile Maps

Make your levels the easy way. Paint them in!

Tile Maps are an exciting new feature in Xcode 8, enabling you to “paint” your levels essentially, using tiled artwork.  We’ve added a few properties to make your tile maps even more useful. The TileMaps dictionary resides in the level dictionary. Within this dictionary you will include sub-dictionaries with key names that match the name of the Tile Map node in the scene.

You can set the following properties…

  • Parallax – a small, decimal number that can be used to offset the location of the tile map whenever the player moves. This can create a parallax effect. Try small numbers initially like 1.1 or -1.1
  • Alpha – a decimal number value to change the alpha of the entire tile map. 0 would make the tile map completely invisible.
  • CreateBody – a Boolean value. Set this to YES and the kit will make the painted tiles in the TileMap have a physics body. This won’t add a physics body to unpainted bodies.
  • ForceSize – this addresses a bug with Xcode (not the kit), where the width and height of tiles default to 64 by 64 anytime Xcode crashes. Setting this value in { width ,height }  format will change them back to a specific size. Most likely though, you’ll just want to select the TileMap in the Scene Editor and set the width and height there.

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