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Main Game Settings

Properties that affect the entire game

The Settings dictionary in the Root of the property list contains general settings for the entire game.

  • WalkWithPath – A Bool value, if YES, the way the user moves the player is by drawing a path onscreen and the player then walks along it. By default this is NO, so the game uses a virtual joystick instead.
  • PathAlpha – a Number value for the alpha transparency of the path the player walks along (if in Path mode).
  • AttackAnywhere – a Bool value, if YES the player can tap or double tap anywhere on screen to trigger either a melee or ranged attack. This option is not really recommended, and turned off by default.
  • WalkDiagonal – a Bool value, if YES, the player will slightly walk diagonally. Its subtle, but noticeable. Toggle it to YES, and see if you like it.
  • ReorderZPositions – a Bool value, the kit has this set to YES by default. This will reorder the positions of any sprites that do NOT have physics bodies based on whether or not the player is above or below them. So in other words, if the player is visually in front of the sprite (lower than the sprite on screen) then that sprite’s z position will automatically go to -100 (the player’s z position is at 0). Since the player can walk through an object with no physics body, this creates the illusion that the player is visually in front of the sprite. And of course the opposite is true as well, so the player might at times appear in back of the same sprite. At that time the sprite will change to a z position of 100.
  • UpperZ – if ReorderZPositions is YES, this number value will be the z depth sprites are set to when they should appear in front of the player.
  • LowerZ – if ReorderZPositions is YES, this number value will be the z depth sprites are set to when they should appear in back of the player.
  • PlayerStartingClass – the name of the class the player should begin the game with.
  • SwitchWeaponSound – the sound to play when the player taps the weapon icon. If they have multiple weapons collected, tapping the icon will switch between them. This value should be the full audio file name, including file extension.

The next three properties only affect Game scenes that are the same for both iPad or iPhone. In other words, the scene does not have an iPad-only version. In which case, the kit will scale and adjust the GUI to better fit the iPad screen. It does this by first changing the camera scale, then moving GUI above the center of the screen, down some and GUI below the center, up some. This has no affect on the buttons that appear when the game scene is paused. 

  • GUIUpperAdjustment – this is a number value for how much to lower the upper-placed GUI
  • GUILowerAdjustment –  this is a number value for how much to raise up the lower placed GUI.
  • CameraScale – a decimal number value for how much to scale the camera.

If you use the kit’s default settings, we think we’ve got it worked out pretty well!

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