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Pinball Games Tutorial for iOS and tvOS

Get Started on Your Pinball Games!

The first session in our Pinball Games tutorial series is ready!  Learn how to build tons of different physics based games, but in particular, pinball. Because hey, it’s everyone’s favorite real-world physics game, right? Although Plinko always seemed like a lot of fun to me, I’ve never been a contestant on the Price is Right, so I can’t say for sure.

The course is going to target both iOS and tvOS apps simultaneously (using a single Xcode project) and when everything is said and done with the tutorial series, it will lay the foundation for an incredible Pinball Starter Kit. Which as usual, will be available for our Yearly subscribers. So if you just want to watch the lessons and end up with some great reference projects, you can simply subscribe Monthly, but if you really want a fantastic deal, sign up for the year!

PhoneGap Video Tutorials

A Brand New PhoneGap Course!

Learn the basic Phonegap/Cordova API’s and get an insight into Ludei’s CocoonJS canvas+ view for accelerated graphics with our brand new course! This comprehensive 11 hour video tutorial series on PhoneGap has been completely re-recorded for 2016. Find out more here.

tvOS Starter Kit for Platform Gams

Platform Games tvOS & iOS Starter Kit...

If you’ve already watched our tvOS tutorials on how to create a side scroller and work with external controllers,  you probably knew this was coming. We’ve combined those projects and added TONS of options (via easy-to-set Property List options) into a brand new tvOS & iOS starter kit specifically for platform games. Every thing you’d expect from a great platformer is here, including 2 player co-op and versus modes (you can even play against the CPU in single player versus modes). And best of all, both the tvOS and iOS versions support up to two external controllers for a more classic gameplay feel!

The Platform Games tvOS and iOS Starter Kit is officially available for Lifetime Access Purchases or access through our Yearly Subscription offer.  If you’re still hemming and hawing, check out a demo video below, of an included level in the kit….

Watch a Demo Now!
How to Draw Super Heroes and Comic Book Covers Video Tutorials

How to Draw Super Heroes and Comic Book Covers

A brand new, kick-punching, 10 hour course on how to go from absolute zero to total hero as a comic book illustrator.  With so many ways to show off your works these days, whether it be apps, e-books, and every other sort of digital media, there’s never been a better time to  write, draw and find an audience for your comic book heroes.

Find out more here.

Learn how to make physics games with iOS or tvOS Starter Kit

Watch how easy it is to make physics games...

…with the Story Tellers iOS  / tvOS Starter Kit! As many of you know from reading the documentation, the Story Tellers Kit is packed with properties you might never think about using in a children’s book. And that’s especially true with the physics properties in the kit. But we wanted the sky to be the limit when it comes to developing your books, so we added everything we could think of. So much so, the kit could even be used to create Angry Birds style games with just a handful of properties. This relatively short video will guide you step-by-step, by first designing the level of a typical physics-game, then adding properties to detect collisions, tally up score, and even test to see if the player passed the level or needs to try again.

Watch the video now…

Player vs Player Games tvOS Video Tutorials

Break ground in the new Apple TV App Store!

Be one of the first developers in the new tvOS store with not only external controller support but also 2-player co-op or versus game play.  Our latest Swift and Sprite Kit course teaches exactly that. Learn how to work with extended game controllers (those with thumb sticks, shoulder and trigger buttons), standard game controllers (with fewer buttons) and the micro game controller (which is the fancy term for the new Apple TV remote).  You’ll learn all the in’s and out’s of what happens when players connect and disconnect controllers, and how to deal with that including how to put a 2 player game into a 1-player mode where the CPU takes over.

This course is truly for people that want to make innovative games for the Apple TV (and strike it rich while they are at it)! Check out the course curriculum here.

Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

Story Tellers iOS & tvOS Starter Kit 2

The Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2, is now also the Story Tellers tvOS Starter Kit 2. Past buyers and Yearly Subscribers can all download the tvOS version of the kit. Tested, as you’d expect, on the new Apple TV, the tvOS version adds new properties to navigate selectable buttons and move images using the remote’s touch pad, as well as events for swipes, taps, and pressing the remote or play/pause button.

Find out more here.

Swift 2 Game Center Video Tutorials

Game Center Video Tutorials!

It’s been a while since we’ve taught anything with Game Center, so these lessons are past due. But on the flip side, they are Swift 2 based, so our loyal students get the latest and greatest version possible.  Learn how to post high scores and have your game’s players work toward unlocking Achievements with this latest series of lessons in our Everything iOS9 course.

Subscribers can get started right here.

New Royalty Free Game Art

Royalty Free Game Art for Subscribers

Each month we like to give back to our subscribers with some free (and royalty-free) game art to use in their upcoming projects or to just have some cool art to tinker with when experimenting in their games.

Find out more about this month’s art, by clicking here.

tvOS side scroller video tutorials

Side Scroller Video Tutorials for tvOS / iOS

Chomping at the bit to make a retro arcade game for your TV?! Yes folks, thats a reality these days. Be one of the first developers to get your app in the tvOS store, and make an awesome, addicting arcade game.

Find out more here.

Cherry 2.0 Video Tutorials!

Buy lifetime access or subscribe to our latest Cherry tutorial!  Six hours of amazing real-time instruction, await…

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iOS9 in app purchasing video tutorials

In-App Purchasing in iOS9

Level-up your income with our latest video tutorial on In-App Purchasing. We say “latest” because we’ve been down this road before. This is our 4th time teaching In-App Purchasing, but it does get more fun every time. Especially since this is a Swift 2 tutorial.  We’ll cover both Non-Consumable and Consumable products. How to restore purchases and how to award your buyers with goodies afterwards. This tutorial has also been tested using the new Apple TV / tvOS, and is working perfectly!

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tvOS video tutorials

Ready to make a tvOS App?


We know many of our loyal learners are salivating to get a tvOS app up for the initial launch of the new Apple TV, and folks, we are fully onboard with that. The great news is that if you’ve been learning SpriteKit and Swift 1-2 with us over the years, you’re in terrific shape. We’ll teach you how to use what you already know, and wrap it up in an app that’s friendly for users sitting 15 feet away from their TV on the couch. This is a subscriber only series, so if you’re not already “one of us”, get on board here.   And if so, jump into the series now.

Cherry Pose Packs Illustration Tutorials

The Complete Cherry Pose Packs

Over 16 hours of life-drawing reference sessions with Paris Christou. In each Pose Pack, Paris spends approximately an hour drawing his lovable character, Cherry, in the following poses: standing, reclining, sitting, kneeling and action poses. Buyers or subscribers will also get a compilation eBook of each drawing from the series.

Find out more here!

Swift2 Video tutorials Courses update

Swift 2 Video Tutorials

Hot off the press! We’ve released 90 minutes of Swift 2 and Sprite Kit video tutorials. Keep in mind, you’ll probably want to use Xcode 7, but if that’s a little too “ahead of the curve” for you, most of the lessons still apply to Xcode 6.4. And even if you don’t follow along step-by-step, you’ll get to see some of the amazing new Scene options in Xcode 7.

Find out more here. 

Also most CartoonSmart courses have updated source files for Swift 2 (all changes have been minor so far)

On Demand Resources in iOS9

Free On-Demand Resources Video Tutorial

Imagine every app being a fraction of it’s current size. The new On Demand Resources feature in iOS9 does this by allowing your users to only download what they need, when they need it. Or to be exact, when you decide they need it. Learn the programming behind this relatively simple, but powerful new feature in a free 20 minute video tutorial.

Find out more here.

wordpress video tutorials

Wordpress Ninja

Do you want to learn how to make a website or blog that not only looks great, but is also capable of selling merchandise, digital goods or even subscription access. Managing your own WordPress-based site allows you the freedom to do whatever you want, with thousands of easy-to-install themes and plugins.

Find out more here.

Animation in 12 Blank Steps!

This in-depth 13 hour video series will show you how to master the twelve steps of a digital production pipeline that is built for the individual artist. Keyword being, “individual”, because while this pipeline is based off the same steps animation studios use, the course is meant for YOU, the indie story teller / cartoonist / animator to produce marketable animation FAST!

Find out more here.

Bring to life the stories you’ve always dreamed of telling…

The Story Tellers Kit 2 v1 is FREE for all subscribers

Pinball Games iOS tvOS Tutorials Swift 2 and Sprite Kit
Player vs Player tvOS Game Tutorial using External Controllers
tvOS Video Tutorials Side Scroller

Endless Worlds!

Control everything in your iOS App with SpriteKit


Find out more…

Illustration tutorials from the great, Paris Christou…

Learn how to draw from one of, heck, THE greatest digital artist teaching his craft on the internet today. Disney and Pixar-trained artist, Paris Christou teaches with a true love for his art, and even the characters on the page. It’s hard to watch one of his tutorials and NOT want to grab a piece of paper and start sketching. Paris illustrates using Sketchbook Pro, but you can follow along with any illustration program of your choice. Whether you prefer pixel or vector based programs (or simply pencil on paper), the concepts in this course transcend medium. Bottom-line: his tutorials are about creating incredible, life-like cartoons.

How to Draw Slim Male Characters
How to Draw Cartoon Animals Video Tutorials
How to Draw Macho Men Video Tutorials
How to Make Comics Strips Video Tutorials
Html5 video tutorials

How to Draw All Your Own Game Art 

Find out more…

Recent tutorials you might have missed…

Animate in Flash like a Pro!

Over 50 hours of animation tutorials using Adobe Flash.

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Kits to Jumpstart Thousands of Apps!

iOS Starter Kit Preview

Yearly Subscribers now have two options for quickly creating platform games. Our brand new, Swift 2-based, Platform Games for tvOS and iOS Starter Kits enables you to create side scrolling style games completely within Xcode’s new Scene editor. You can design and animate levels at breakneck speed with the amazing new options in Xcode 7 and our Kit. This is the kit to use for quickly getting a game in the tvOS or iOS store, with full external controller support built right in!

Our previous kit, The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit enables you to build an entire world with nothing more than a property list and Tiled file. Tiled is a free program for designing and laying out game levels. Drag ‘n drop any sized image into a Tiled file, name it, position it and scurry back to Xcode to define it’s properties and publish. That is all it takes. The kit is intended for side scrolling, or platform games as well as top-down, overhead style games.  And one game can house many different styles! Include completely separate mini-games within a single app.  The Fantastic Worlds Kit is Objective-C based (which still builds fine).

Sign up for a Yearly Subscription Plan for Immediate Access to Both Kits!

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CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some pretty big places….

CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some big places....
CartoonSmart students come from (and go on to) some big places....

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