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Player vs Player Games

Battle your friends and learn how to program apps with external controllers!

Player vs Player tvOS Game Tutorials – Subscriber Access

Learn more about Sprite Kit

Sprite Kit is a 2d game engine for creating apps for iOS, tvOS, and Mac OS devices. Sprite Kit comes included with Xcode and since it is developed by Apple, developers can be assured that future versions of the iOS, tvOS and Mac OS support their past projects.

Swift Video Tutorial - Technology Taught

Developed with Swift 2

This course teaches Xcode development using Swift 2, Apple’s latest programming language. Swift can be used to create both iOS and tvOS Apps to sell through the App Store, or Mac OS apps to sell through the Mac App Store.

Tank Game tvOS Demo App

Classic Tank Battle Anyone?

This course inspired our Tank Battle app in the tvOS Store. Or was it the other way around? The tank game inspired our lesson. Meh, we’ll probably never know. But a tank game does make for a great lesson. Especially when the first half discusses plugging in external game controllers, like the Nimbus Steel Series that Apple is getting into the hands of many, many new Apple TV users. We recommend you get a hold of one too, and really have some fun this lesson.

Nearly 6 hours of tvOS training…

Learn how to program up to two extra game controllers for apps on the new Apple TV, then have two players go head-to-head in any kind of battle arena. In the first half of the series, we’ll focus on getting everything connected. In versus games, one player can use the new Apple TV remote while another plays with one of the many bluetooth game controllers on the market today. Or if game owners have two external controllers, they can connect both and really battle it out in classic style. We’ll discuss how to detect which controller is moving which sprites in the game.

In the second half of the series, we will program a complete game where two players can battle it out to the death (or until one loses all their lives). This involves detecting physics collisions between the tanks, bullet classes, walls, etc. We’ll also program a Pause screen and make it possible to start the game from a main menu, with settings to launch the game in 2 player mode, or 1 player mode where the second tank is controller by the CPU. So there’s plenty to learn in this essential new course for Apple TV apps!  As usual, all code is written with Swift and Sprite Kit.

Player vs Player tvOS Game Tutorial using External Controllers

Watch gameplay from our demo app for this lesson…

Students will learn how to….

  • Connect an Extended (or Standard) GamePad Controller

  • Connect the Micro Gamepad Controller (the new Apple TV remote)

  • How to move sprites using directional controls

  • Rotate sprites with either the Extended or Micro Gamepad

  • Fire projectiles in a specific direction (36o degrees)

  • Handle up to two Extended controllers

  • Set up specific player classes and control each through a controller

  • Initiate either a 1 or 2 player game from the start menu

  • Add a pause screen to go back to the main menu

  • Detect physics collisions between projectiles and players

  • Animate explosions or other image sequences

  • Lose lives and progress to different levels

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Learn tvOS for Game Development

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