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Animation in Twelve BLANK Steps – Video Tutorials

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Toon Boom Software Preferred

This course uses Toon Boom Harmony Premium  (which is now a combination of Toon Boom Animate and the original Harmony), Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, SketchBook Pro and Garage Band. Each of these software is optional, since the principals of good animation and storytelling transcend tools, but to get the very most of the course, your instructor recommends following along with the free / trial versions of these programs if possible.

Instructor Bio Rick Pickens

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Rick Pickens is the owner / founder of, a website dedicated to efficient animation tips and tricks. Rick has been working in the VFX industry since 1987 and spent many of those years as an Animation and Multimedia Producer, working across a broad range of medium (print, animation, web development, outdoor advertising, video production and more). Rick is a Toon Boom Certified Training instructor and brings a lifetime of animation experience to his amazing lessons on Harmony, Storyboarding and SketchBook Pro here at CartoonSmart.

Animation in Twelve >BLANK< Steps!

Do you have an idea for a cartoon you want to make? Or possibly a series? If so, you probably already know that animation can be time-consuming. Great ideas for cartoons often become unfinished films, because there never seems to be enough time to get all the animation done. And, certainly, if you have told anyone what you want to do, you’ve heard that building animation skills requires a lifetime of effort, and usually begins with a multi-year art education, and a six-figure school debt.

This in-depth 13 hour video series will show you how to master the twelve steps of a digital production pipeline that is built for the individual artist. Keyword being, “individual”, because while this pipeline is based off the same steps animation studios use, the course is meant for YOU, the indie story teller / cartoonist / animator to produce marketable animation FAST!

Animation in Twelve Blank Lessons

Over 13 hours of Animation Training from a Toon Boom Certified Instructor


  • Course Introduction (viewable below)
  • Software to Download (viewable below)
  • Harmony Settings
  • Session 1 – Sound, Capture and Refine the Moment of Inspiration
  • Session 2 – Design, Employ Line and Shape to Enhance the Idea
  • Session 3 –  Color,  Take Control of Your Artist’s Palette
  • Session 4 –  Thumbnails,   Structure Your Story
  • Session 5 – Timing, Unite Sound and Visual for Story Flow
  • Session 6 –  Layout,  Establish Scene Readability
  • Session 7 –  Ink, Rig, Paint Your Characters in Harmony and Build for Movement
  • Session 8 –  Ink, Rig, Paint Your Backgrounds and Props while Constructing a Multi-Plane Environment
  • Session 9 –  Camera ,  Compose Cinematic Shots
  • Session 10 –  Rough Animation, Create Staging, Anticipation, and Broad Gestures
  • Session 11 –  Extra Drawings and Lip Sync,  Connect the Characters to Sound and Surroundings
  • Session 12 –  Refine Animation,   Apply Follow-Through and Secondary Actions

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Course Introduction

Software used in the tutorials

Animation in Twelve Blank Lessons

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