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Draw Your Own Pinball Table!

Over 4 Hours of Illustration Tutorials for Adobe Animate/Flash!

How to Draw Pinball Game Art – Video Tutorials

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Technology taught - Adobe Flash

Learn Adobe Animate or Flash in this course.

The techniques in this lesson could apply to other vector based illustration software, but your instructor uses Adobe Flash, a multimedia and software platform used for authoring vector graphics, animation, games, and apps. Vector artwork can be exported at virtually any size without pixelation or loss of quality.

Taught by Justin Dike

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The courses in this collection are all taught by Justin Dike, founder of CartoonSmart, iOS developer and long-time Flash advocate for animation, illustration, interactive apps, and games. Feel free to contact Justin through email or follow him through any of CartoonSmart’s social media outlets.

 Over 4 Hours of Game Art Illustration Tutorials!

In this new video tutorial series, we’re going teach you how to draw pinball game art or ANY kind of top down viewed game art. So fear not, if you have no interest in creating a pinball game, you’ll still enjoy this series as we cover dozens of illustration techniques for Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash. Our pinball table will have a mostly-top down viewed perspective, with some 2.5D leaning angles toward the top. So by the end of the course you should feel comfortable drawing objects directly overhead or with a slight angle.

We’ll cover everything you’d expect to see a pinball table illustration course: the main table walls, ramps, bumpers, flippers, plungers, lights, table decoration and even some sillier things (like a giant bear head for the ball to roll through). We’ll also spend sometime animating objects like the bumpers, lights, even a waterfall.

This course is definitely for new users of Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate, as we’ll take things pretty darn slow in the beginning to get you used to drawing with the vector tools.

Finished Example from our How to Draw All Your Own Pinball Game Art

A Complete Table Build in Realtime!

After the course…

You’ll probably want to get your pinball art into an actual game engine to make an app, and upgrade to that mansion you’ve always dreamed of. Might we suggest our own Pinball Games iOS and tvOS Starter Kit for that part.  Find out more about the kit at the links below…

Find out more about the Kit…Watch How to Setup a Table In The Kit

Pinball Games iOS and tvOS Starter Kit
How to Draw Pinball Game Art

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