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Construct 2 tutorials added for all CartoonSmart subscribers!

Construct 2 tutorials added for all CartoonSmart subscribers!
May 8, 2015 Justin
Create a Feeding Frenzy Fish Game in Construct 2 - Video Tutorials
Learn how to make toddler games in Construct 2 - Video Tutorials
Create a Pinball Game in Construct 2

Our Construct 2 Tutorials are available for subscribers!

If you’re a subscriber, click any of the banners above to jump right into taking the course. And since Construct 2 can export to iOS (among other formats, like HTML5, Android, etc), we are including these video tutorials in with both our iOS-Only and iOS and Art subscription options!

In other news….

One of our subscribers pointed out that Safari on the iPhone was having consistent issues browsing the Subscription Gallery. Turns out it was the rollover effect that was killing it, so that’s been removed.

Which led me to double check more pages, including the home page for this evil occasional crash. And cut to one long work day later, I’ve optimized the course covers (and added the freshly polished looking logo in place of the old one), adjusted lots of spacing, and done a few other things to beautify the site for mobile devices. And if you’re on your phone, you’ll notice the front page now has some links that don’t appear on your desktop computer…

subscriber hot links for mobile

So that should get you quicker access to stream your tutorials from your phone! I know mobile menus aren’t that fun to navigate.

That’s all folks.  Enjoy your weekend!


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