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Create a Space Pinball Game Using Construct 2 – Subscriber Access

Create a Space Pinball Game in Construct 2 - Subscription Access
Create a pinball game for computers, smartphones, and tablets without code!
Module 1 Introduction & Software  
These courses will introduce you to the software and resources you'll be using
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Software
Unit 3 Course Assets
Module 2 Building the Game  
Learn everything it takes to build a pinball game from scratch in Construct.
Unit 1 Title Screen
Unit 2 Instruction Screen
Unit 3 Sounds
Unit 4 Adding Mobile Controls
Unit 5 Heads Up Display
Unit 6 Walls
Unit 7 Barriers
Unit 8 Flippers
Unit 9 Rollovers
Unit 10 Bumpers
Unit 11 Making Groups in Event Sheets
Unit 12 Start Up Actions
Unit 13 Adding Controls Events
Unit 14 Plunger
Unit 15 Losing the Ball
Unit 16 Keeping Score
Unit 17 Exporting Your Project

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