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Create a Feeding Fish Frenzy Game Using Construct 2 – Subscriber Access

Create a Feeding Frenzy Game with Construct 2 - Subscription Access
Create an interactive game compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices without having to write code!
Module 1 Software and Resources  
Introduction to the course.
Unit 1 Create a Feeding Fish Frenzy Games with Construct 2 Tutorial - Assets
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Construct 2 and VMWare Fusion
Unit 4 Course Notes
Module 2 Getting Started  
We will discuss the initial setup, adding buttons and detecting the device or computer.
Unit 1 Setup – Part 1
Unit 2 Setup – Part 2
Unit 3 Adding a Play Button
Unit 4 Detecting the Device and Computer
Module 3 Adding Fish  
We will add various types of fish, animate them, add sounds, etc.
Unit 1 The Player Fish
Unit 2 Small Fish
Unit 3 Fish Animation and Sounds
Unit 4 Keeping Score
Unit 5 Big Fish – Part 1
Unit 6 Big Fish – Part 2
Unit 7 Medium Fish – Part 1
Unit 8 Medium Fish – Part 2
Module 4 Advancing to Level 2  
We will discuss the setup for level 2 and finishing the game.
Unit 1 Level 2 Setup
Unit 2 Finishing the Game

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