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New Complete Swift 1.2 Course! Three hours of videos on Property List-Driven Apps!

New Complete Swift 1.2 Course! Three hours of videos on Property List-Driven Apps!
May 7, 2015 Justin
Property List Driven Apps iOS Video Tutorials

Property List-Driven Apps with Swift 1.2!

Complete Video Tutorial Series Now Available!

Wow. How’s that image for an entrance to this article. It wasn’t *supposed* to be that big, but I won’t deny it has an impact.  So yes, subscribers now have access to this latest iOS and Swift 1.2 video tutorial!  (tomorrow anyone interested in buying Lifetime Access can).

Its a little hard to describe the utter coolness of this project because on the surface I know it seems like it’s JUST a lesson on Property lists, but I promise, that’s just a jumping off point from countless apps I can’t even imagine. If you’re an app developer, ask yourself this….

  • Have you ever wanted to update an app without resubmitting a new build to Apple? (for me, thats a big CHECK)
  • Have you ever wanted to dynamically display web pages in your app, each with the potential to contain embeds of YouTube videos, Vimeo video, Vine embeds, images, etc. (CHECK, CHECK)
  • Or have you ever thought about pulling in data from a web page into your app, perhaps with a little sprinkle of PHP?  (before teaching this course, I’ll admit not, but now that I know how I totally would).

This course teaches all that. And most importantly, you’re storing all your data in a Property List that can have sections, and subsections, to organize all the content. So users can navigate to different topics / divisions of whatever content you want to display. And since you’re displaying it via a web view  (essentially a browser-bar less Safari window), you can incorporate content you already have on a website. You might have one file on your site (like… video_player.php),  and load it differently each time using a query string variable (which looks like this… video_player.php?video_ID=1243423).  So your Property List data could be as simple as a title to display the name of what you’re embedding and an ID. So you could embed video files, images, instagram posts, map data, really anything!

Ready to get started? This course is ready for our subscribers right now! 


Property List and Swift 1.2 iOS video tutorial

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