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CartoonSmart May Newsletter! The Un-Mailed Edition

CartoonSmart May Newsletter! The Un-Mailed Edition
May 15, 2015 Justin

CartoonSmart May Newsletter! The Un-Mailed Edition

Control Systems Swift and Sprite Kit Video Tutorials

Two New Swift Lessons and a 20% Off Discount Coupon

First off, here’s the code 20THANKYOU useable on anything!

Now onto the fun stuff. We’ve got two brand new Swift 1.2 lessons (totaling over 10 hours!). The iOS Control Systems series is now complete and teaches every which way I could think of to control a character with Swift. But the door is wide open to student requests, so feel free to ask for extra videos.

Next up, and potentially even more exciting for some, is a 3 hour course on using Property Lists in Swift to populate table views, which can then be used to open ANY thing, but in particular we show how to view any web content. So you could create a video player app (with YouTube or Vimeo embeds), a photo gallery, or send visitors anywhere on the web, perhaps HTML5 games. And like any of our new courses, if you’ve got something more you’d like to see, simply ask for it!

Property List Driven Apps - IOS Video Tutorials

What else is new for Subscribers?

Glad you asked! The CartoonSmart subscription now has over 450 hours of video tutorials, which is literally thousands of videos now. Here’s some recent additions that might have intrigued you in the past, but you didn’t buy for whatever reason. Well now you can get access to stream every video, and download all the source files for a low monthly price (with discounts, under $15 per month or under $120 per year).  Just don’t forget to use the discount coupon above for a recurring savings!

Still reading?

In lighter news, this past couple months has really felt productive for me here at CartoonSmart. Not only have added nearly every tutorial to our subscription service, but I’ve also had some epiphanies in terms of where the site / service is headed.

Here’s a problem we had in the past. Updating lessons was always possible, but never felt very “organic”. As some of you know, it involved adding a new zip file of one or more movies, and then sending a product update email, which wasn’t exactly pretty. In fact, many buyers thought they were actually getting charged again because the product email looked so similar to the original product receipt. I had to crowbar in text like ======FREE UPDATE===== to avoid frantic emails.

Well not only is that not an issue any more, but more importantly, whether or not you Subscribe or buy Lifetime Access to a tutorial now, you can stream the movies via each product’s special little nook on the site for watching. This also makes it easy for you to check in on updates for a course. And easier for me or any of our instructors to provide an update.

So what I’d like is for students to really have the mindset that lessons get to a kind of initial completion point, and then jump off from there with extensions, modifications or whatever loosely related tangents could apply to the course. Which not only provides you all with some extra material (with up-to-date code), it keeps courses refreshed. Even I benefit from refreshing myself on a tutorial I taught as little as a few months prior.

Going forward I want to subscribers and buyers to think of these courses like classes that always have another semester ahead of them. So please, ask for whatever you’d like to see. And with that in mind, here’s the topic for our next Swift series…

Endless Levels!

We will look at how to program games that randomly create levels on-the-fly. Two examples that come to mind are Crossy Road and an endless runner called Banana Kong.

So stay tuned, the first videos should show up soon!

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