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Work begins on StoryTellers Kit 2. Just in time for Swift 2!

Work begins on StoryTellers Kit 2. Just in time for Swift 2!
July 15, 2015 Justin
StoryTellers iOS Starter Kit Logo

Announcing StoryTellers iOS Starter Kit 2!

Just in time for Swift 2.

It’s official, work has begun on the next version of our incredibly popular StoryTellers kit. We’re hard at work on creating not only this kit, but also a series of tutorials on it’s creation. So this will be the first time CartoonSmart subscribers get the best of both worlds. In-depth video documentation on the in’s and out’s of one of our kits, from the ground-up, and also an easy-to-use, Property List / Scene driven kit that combines Swift 2 and Sprite Kit.

So folks, stay tuned the rest of this month for the beginning of a fantastic series of lessons. And feel free to send us any requests you have for features you’d like to see included. Since this is our second iteration of the kit, expect to see everything from before and a whole lot more!

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