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Swift Defer Statements and Programming with Emojis

Swift Defer Statements and Programming with Emojis (Episode 23)
May 17, 2016 Justin

Swift Defer Statements and Programming with Emojis (CartoonSmart Video Tutorial Podcast Episode 23)

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Time to learn about defer statements! This chunk of code runs in functions marked with the throws option, regardless of whether or not an error occurs. Hrm doesn’t sound right. What the heck , here’s what the official Swift Programming Guide has to to say… “Use defer to write a block of code that is always executed before a function returns, regardless of whether an error was thrown. You can use defer even when there is no error handling, to simplify functions that can return from several different places”. Yeah, so that. We also have some fun programming with emojis!  As usual, curb your appetite for serious programming tutorials. These are just for fun!

Hosts: Justin Dike, Clevon O’Doul



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