Manipulating Strings in Swift 2

Manipulating Strings in Swift 2 (Episode 25)
May 20, 2016 Justin

Manipulating Strings in Swift 2  (CartoonSmart Video Tutorial Podcast Episode 25)

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In this video tutorial, we’ll discuss some of the fun you can have with String type variables with Swift 2 in an iOS or tvOS based app.  Marvel at how we can create a string using an array of Character types, then do things like count the number of characters in a string, append text to a string variable, convert a String to all lower case or upper case with Swift  (.lowercaseString .uppercaseString), check if a String contains a pattern of characters (using .rangeOfString) or contains a prefix / suffix (using .hasPrefix and .hasSuffix ). If your mind hasn’t already been blown by that point, watch as we check in with some live viewers watching our podcast in realtime. Hosts: Justin Dike, Clevon O’Doul


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