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Cartoon Smart is the only site that combines video training, exclusive iOS / tvOS Starter Kits and a growing library of over $5000 in game art. You can’t find a single more valuable resource to dive headfirst into app development.

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CartoonSmart TV now on iOS & tvOS

It’s about time right! Watch our training from your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.  The app include TONS of free videos, plus Monthly / Yearly Subscribers can unlock every video. New courses added almost daily!

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Asteroids with Swift and Sprite Kit video tutorials

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Programming Asteroids

The first in a series of Xcode video tutorials where we’ll use Sprite Kit and Swift to program and Asteroids game.

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December Game Art

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December’s Subscriber Bonuses!

Our awesome subscribers get TEN characters this month! Each fully animated (17 sequences per character). Plus two bonus side scroller levels! 

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New Course – Unity C# Editor Scripting

This course takes you through everything you need to know to get started on implementing Unity scripting in to your workflow and create amazing Unity Store products.

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Where do I even begin!?!?!

Our Prototyping series continues. This time around we’ll pick on Double Dragon, the classic beat-em up side scroller

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Video tutorial Swift 4 and DynamoDB - initial setup with AWS

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Using AWS Dynamo DB with Swift 4

We’ll look at the initial setup to get your Swift 4 based Xcode project connected to AWS and specifically a DynamoDB database.

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How to Draw a Chibi Han

A new 3 part illustration tutorial available in the Procreate section on the CartoonSmart TV app. Totally FREE tutorial, on our FREE app. Download it today.

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Practice Session!

Learn how to test for a specific device before loading a Sprite Kit scene file (SKScene). This is an important lesson for iOS and tvOS developers as it allows you to make different GUI / layouts via the scene editor, without resorting to layout changes in the Swift code itself.

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Video of the Day

In this first Xcode video tutorial, we’ll discuss some general organization tips for large projects (which is every project in time). We’ll discuss adding //MARK: statements, extending classes, defining your own code “Bible” and more.

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ARKit Tutorials!

Learn Augmented Reality with Swift 4.
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Popular New Swift 4 Starter Kits

(FYI, all of our Starter Kits have been updated to Swift 4)

Role Playing Games Xcode Template

Discover what’s possible with zero coding!

iMessage iOS Sticker Kit with In App Purchases

Sticker Kit with In-App Purchasing!

Yearly Subscriber Exclusive

Ten new Side Scroller Levels for Yearly Subscribers!

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See them all here…

Huge New Collection for Yearly Subscribers!

Browse over $4500 in game art for subscribers!

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Build iMessage Apps

Take your training to the next level with our exclusive iOS10 courses

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The Story Tellers Kit 2

Create an astonishing, interactive kid's book or graphic novel!

Brand New Video Guides for Our Platform Games Kit

How to Draw Women Video Tutorials

Learn from the great Paris Christou!

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Experience Xcode without the code.

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Player versus Player iOS and tvOS Video Tutorials

Player vs Player tvOS Tutorials

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How to Draw All Your Own Game Art

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Free Illustration Tutorials

Free Illustration Tutorials

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Side Scroller Sprite Kit and Swift tutorials for tvOS or iOS

Build an iOS / tvOS Side Scroller!

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How to Make Sticker Packs

How to Make Sticker Packs for Non-Programmers!

Get these lessons and EVERYTHING else with your Yearly Subscription!

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

How to Draw Cartoon Animals

Get these lessons and EVERYTHING else with your Yearly Subscription!

Huge New Pixel Art Collection!

Over $4500 in royalty free art for subscribers…

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