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Free Swift and Sprite Kit Tutorial from our Pinball Games Series – Part 1

Free Swift and Sprite Kit Tutorial from our Pinball Games Series – Part 1
April 28, 2016 Justin

Free Swift and Sprite Kit Tutorial

From our Pinball Games Tutorial Series – Part 1: Targeting the new Apple TV, iPhone and iPad in a single Xcode Project

Good news free-lovers, we’re going to start publishing the entire first session from our Pinball Games iOS and tvOS Tutorial series. This video is the first of at least 6 more to follow (comprising the first session) which teaches the initial setup of our Pinball Kit programmed with Swift and Sprite Kit. This lesson covers the basic setup for a Universal iOS and tvOS project. So if you have no clue how to target both iOS and tvOS, this is the tutorial for you!

Download the images used in this first session from here. And don’t forget, you can become a subscriber to watch every tutorial right away, and yearly subscribers get access to EVERY CartoonSmart Starter Kit! Find out more here.


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