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WordPress video tutorials have finally landed at CartoonSmart!

WordPress video tutorials have finally landed at CartoonSmart!
June 17, 2015 Justin

Become a Wordpress Ninja!

WordPress video tutorials have finally landed at CartoonSmart!

Taught by the great Tammy Coron!

We’re excited to announce the first videos in an ongoing WordPress video tutorial series are now available! This multi-session course will continue over the summer and most likely be a whopping 10 hour course (comprised of 10 sessions).  This course is taught by Tammy Coron, writer, musician, artist, iOS developer,  podcaster and long-time friend to us here at CartoonSmart. Some of you might remember I was a guest on her show a couple months back.

So what’s ahead in her course? Well check out the proposed curriculum….

  • Session 1 – WordPress Basics
  • Session 2 – Recommended Plugins
  • Session 3 – Adding Content
  • Session 4 – Customizing your site
  • Session 5 and 6 – Setting up a Membership Site
  • Session 7 and 8 – WooCommerce
  • Session 9 – Additional Revenue Sources
  • Session 10 – Extras!

Sounds fun right! And since this course is in production, us viewers (myself included) can be a thorn in Tammy’s side and email her topics we’d like to see added.

Subscribers already have access to the first session and if you’re not interested in subscribing you can purchase Lifetime Access to the course right here.  “Lifers” can download zip files of the movies in each session (for future sessions you’ll get an update email) or stream the movies right here at CartoonSmart.

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