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How to Setup a WordPress Site Part 5 (Episode 24)

How to Setup a WordPress Site Part 5 (Episode 24)
May 19, 2016 Justin

How to Setup a WordPress Site Part 5 (CartoonSmart Video Tutorial Podcast Episode 24)

In the continuing saga of setting up Clevon’s wordpress-ed based website, we’ll actually install a theme worth a damn (Cardinal by Swift Ideas) and begin to show off some of the nice features of it. Cardinal, like many of the other themes by Swift Ideas, is an amazing framework that makes advanced website functionality possible by simply clicking the feature you want and moving it / sizing it within a module based system. So you could create an animated slider, animated text, multi-layered parallax image, all  within a few steps, without any kind of coding or shortcodes.

Hosts: Justin Dike, Clevon O’Doul


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