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The Story Tellers Kit Session 1 is live! Preview some of Xcode 7’s new features!

The Story Tellers Kit Session 1 is live! Preview some of Xcode 7’s new features!
July 23, 2015 Justin

The Story Tellers Kit Session 1 is live.

 Preview some of Xcode 7’s new features above!

CartoonSmart subscribers can dig into nearly 2 hours of creation videos for our latest starter kit right here. We cover a lot of new features in Xcode 7 involving the fancier-than-ever Scene Editor. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn (all taught with Swift 2)….

  • Using Different Scene Files for Device Types
  • Creating a Custom “Any Element” Class to Subclass SKSpriteNodes in Scene Files.
  • Using the Property List to Define Different SKCameraNodes for either iPad or iPhone
  • Passing Data from the Property List into the Element Class
  • Using SKReferenceNodes (Scene groups) and Reference Actions
  • Triggering Events by Touching the Highest Element on the Page
  • Transitioning to a new Page and Removing Nodes on Touch

And at the end of each session you’ll get the project files, which ultimately will lead up to the creation of v1 of the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2. Monthly subscribers can always access the project files up to version 1 and Yearly subscribers can get the very latest version of the kit as long as they are subscribed. Find out more here.

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