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Posts tagged with ‘sprite kit’

  • Extended Game Controller

    How to Support External Game Controllers with Swift 2 and Sprite Kit for the new Apple TV

  • tvOS video tutorials

    All ten videos in our How to Build a Sprite Kit tvOS App Template are available!

  • tvOS Video Tutorials

    Setting up a SpriteKit App for tvOS – Part 1

  • ioS9 pick and take photos tutorial

    How to Pick photos from the Camera or Photo Library and use them in Sprite Kit with Swift 2

  • On Demand Resources in iOS9

    On Demand Resources Video Tutorial in iOS9 with SpriteKit

  • Adding Lights and Rotating the Camera in the Space Page in the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

    In this video we'll look at Xcode 7's new features for laying out sprite nodes in the Scene editor, and…

  • Lock or Unlock Pages in the Story Tellers Kit 2

    Unlocking / Locking Pages with the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

    You can lock pages, or mini-games, in your Story Tellers Kit 2 based app using simple properties discussed in this…

  • Text to speech for iOS Apps in Childrens Book

    Text-to-Speech Options and Adding a Language Preference Menu to your iOS Story Book App

    This video discusses how you can add a menu to your app where the reader can choose their preferred language.…

  • Short Demo of the Map Scene in the Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit 2

  • Refining Thumbnail Menus with Separate Open and Close Buttons (Map demo part 3 of 3)

    In this video you'll see how to use separate Open and Close menu buttons to view a pan-able row of…


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